A long-established, integrated training organisation with a focus on continuous development

We train in procedures that reflect the detail of our operations, rather than generic training. Our approvals allow us to recruit and train pilots and engineers when requirements change, without third party providers.

Trained instructors provide optimal safety outcomes in the most efficient time. We emphasise initial and recurrent training for our pilots, cabin crew members, and maintenance engineering personnel. Competency based training is conducted in respect to delegation and regulatory requirements.

Our investment in training is reflected in the long tenure of our crew and maintenance teams.

Aircrew training

Innovative and commercially focused training support strategies are supported by our CAR 217 and CASR Part 142 approvals. These permit currency and initial endorsement training to be performed in-house using our own CASA approved delegates.

Maintenance engineering training

Structured and periodic instruction with CAR (1988) 214 approved training programs are available to all staff engaged in the maintenance of our aircraft.