Maintenance & Engineering

Our engineering and maintenance philosophy is driven by the same cardinal elements of safety, operational certainty,
and best value for money. The provision of an engineering and maintenance capability that embodies
all aspects of industry best practice is fundamental to us achieving and exceeding our objectives.


We ensure that our aircraft are maintained to the highest safety standards with our team of vastly experienced and highly qualified Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. We hold Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority ‘CAR 30’ Maintenance Organisation Approvals, which allow for unmatched, internationally recognised maintenance and dispatch reliability even in the most challenging and remote areas.

Through Life Support

Once a Specialist Mission Platform is operational, Skytraders provides full support for the on-going airworthiness for all of the installed modifications. We also provide resources for all Through-Life-Support activities to ensure the continued operational safety of these modifications.

Aircraft Certification

Skytraders holds design approval under the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Civil Aviation Safety Regulation CASR – Subpart 21.M. This certifies designs for modifications or repairs carried out to Australian registered aircraft in the following areas of speciality:

• Aircraft Structures
• Systems and Equipment (Mechanical)
• Systems and Equipment (Electrical)
• Systems and Equipment (Instrument)
• Systems and Equipment (Radio) – Avionics

Design and Analysis

Our team of qualified aerospace, aeronautical and mechanical engineers have proven experience in providing custom design solutions for all types of aircraft, from major modification projects to repair designs. Our state of the art resources can provide design and analysis in the following areas:

• 3D CAD Design
• Finite Element Modelling
• Aircraft System Safety Analysis
• Avionics and Electrical System Design
• Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
• Flight Testing & performance

Aircraft Parts Manufacturing

With experience that spans decades, we understand aircraft manufacturing approval requirements, and are able to provide the parts required for extensive modification programs. Our parts are always produced under stringent quality assurance procedures.

We have a supply chain of specialised local suppliers who manufacture our parts to exacting standards within budgetary and time constraints. Inspection and all quality functions are carried out by experienced Skytraders personnel to ensure the conformity and safety of all our products.

Digital prototyping techniques are utilised to ensure that the product development cycle can be drastically reduced to ensure that the aircraft platform is mission ready without delay.

Digital Prototyping – Flow Simulation

Structural Analysis – Finite Element Modelling

Transport Category Main Ski

Airframe Modifications – Pressurised Fuselage Antenna Installation

Avionics Equipment Installations

Adaptable Cabin Configurations

Paratrooper Configuration

Mission Role Equipment – Detail Design

The Aircraft

Skytraders’ state of the art aircraft are maintained
to the highest possible engineering standards


The A319CJ is a long range corporate jet that was developed on the airframe of the A319 airliner. The A319CJ was a ‘green field’ design targeted to offer the market a superior and more flexible corporate aircraft than the Boeing Business Jet whilst having substantially greater capacity than other platforms offered in the same market space.

The A319CJ shares Airbus’ common advanced six screen EFIS flight deck with sidestick controllers, and fly-by-wire controls. The aircraft is capable of up to 5,600 nautical miles with standard reserves using our specially fitted, four ultra long-range tanks in combination with highly sophisticated navigation systems. This means that we can travel from Australia to Europe with just one stop, or non-stop from Australia to Asia and the Middle East.

The A319CJ is also fitted with integrated air-stairs that increase the self-reliance of remote operations. The exceptional long range fuel tanks and high maximum landing weights of the A319CJ combine with the on-board auxiliary power unit to facilitate flights into airports which lack any form of ground facilities.

The A319CJ ‘s containerized belly hold means that auxiliary fuel tanks can be installed or removed in a few hours thereby providing flexibility for varying cargo payload and/or range requirements. Similarly Skytraders Engineering facility at Tullamarine is able to transform one of our aircraft overnight from a high density all economy platform carrying 120 people to a high comfort 48 seat all-business configuration for long-range executive intercontinental travel.



The A319LR was designed to offer the market the flexibility of a narrow body airliner with a range normally attributed to wide body aircraft.

The A319LR shares Airbus’ common advanced six screen EFIS flight deck with sidestick controllers, and fly-by-wire flight controls. Specially fitted with four ultra long-range tanks and the most sophisticated navigation systems the aircraft can fly up to approximately 5,600 nautical miles with standard reserves. This means travel from Australia to Europe with just one stop or non-stop from Australia to Asia and the Middle East.

The exceptional long range fuel tankage and high maximum landing weights of the A319LR combine with the on-board auxiliary power unit to facilitate flights into airports with limited ground facilities.

The A319LR‘s containerized cargo hold means that the aircraft’s auxiliary fuel tanks, when installed can be easily loaded and unloaded, giving the flexibility to reconfigure the aircraft for varying payload/range requirements.

Skytraders flight training and engineering personnel have extensive experience with both the A320 and A330 families of aircraft.


EADS-CASA C212-400

The C212-400 is a light military transport aircraft that can operate in and out of areas lacking infrastructure, as well as on and off unpaved runways.

In order to meet these requirements, the C212-400 was designed with a high-wing configuration, fixed landing gear and turbo-prop engines.

It has outstanding STOL performance, is extremely rugged in construction and incorporates simple and reliable systems. Its spacious, constant section cabin is perfectly complemented by the rear ramp that enables varied transport tasks to be carried out.

Its large cargo capacity means that the C212-400 can be fully integrated into any logistical transport system.

The new C212-400 is fitted with two Allied Signal TPE-331-12JR-701C engines that improve the aircraft’s hot and high performance levels. New avionics incorporate the electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) on four displays.

The Integrated Engine Data and Warnings Indication System (IEDS) uses two displays to present engine parameters and aircraft warnings, which improves reliability and maintainability.

The C212-400 is an excellent platform for a wide variety of operational functions such as Maritime Patrol, Electronic Warfare (ESM/ECM and ELINT/COMINT), Navigation School, Aerial Survey, Pollution Control, etc.

The C212-400 combines the advantages of new technology with the experience gained from more than 2.5 million flight hours logged by over 460 C212-400 aircraft sold to 87 operators in 42 countries.

Skytraders C212-400 Aircraft are approved for the carriage of Passengers and Cargo within Australia, outside Australia and into and out of Australia. They are also approved for Aerial Work Operations and over the same geographic area for Search and Rescue, Surveillance and Aerial Survey.

Technical Expertise

Skytraders’ unique capabilities and experience allow us to provide mission specific
aircraft platforms and solutions for the most challenging requirements.


Skytraders is authorised to conduct the following Aerial Work operations in and outside of Australia:

1. 180 minute Extended Diversion Time Operations

Australian Civil Aviation Authority approval of long-range jet operations anywhere in the world including the most challenging aviation environments of Antarctica and the deep Southern Ocean.

2. Check and Training approvals

3. Search and rescue

4. Surveillance

5. Aerial Surveying

6. Aerial Photography

7. Aerial Spotting

8. Ambulance Functions

9. Search and Rescue

10. Surveillance

11. Dangerous Goods


Skytraders has built on its extensive experience in aircraft operation, maintenance and major modification programs. Our company boasts an ‘in-house’ Design Office that is staffed by experienced engineers who ensure the best design architecture for the most demanding missions.

Below is an example of some of the engineering designs and modifications that have been carried out to meet our client’s needs:

1. VIP Cabin Configurations

2. Medivac Stretcher and aeromedical equipment installations

3. Scientific equipment, sensor and camera installations

4. Aircraft interior modifications & equipment  installations for security & sensitive missions

5. Satellite communication equipment installations

6. Modifications for cold climate and remote area operations

7. High capacity ferry fuel systems

8. Transport category aircraft ski Installation & STC

9. Paratrooper role modifications;

• Folding seating and cabin modifications
• Static line & retrieval system installation
• Aerial ‘bundle drop’ delivery roller system
• Mission specific avionics installations

10. Cargo solutions for;

• High value perishable cargo
• Oversized and complex cargo
• Time critical and remote location positioning